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Architecture Consulting

For today’s organizations, including small and medium-sized businesses, a unified IT strategy in line with major business processes is a must. In close cooperation with clients our consultants and partners thoroughly check if the existing IT architecture is as flexible, scalable and interoperable as required.

Service Oriented Architecture

Successful businesses owe their success above all to being more flexible and able to react more quickly to new challenges than their competitors. The key to more flexibility in IT is SOA (service-oriented architecture). The SOA principle is a method of coordinating existing EDP components. It is an approach for integrating and improving the various services of an organization with the help of an efficient interface management.

At Linus-IT we always keep in mind that all relevant IT components to be developed must be able to be integrated into and coordinated within a service-oriented overall IT architecture. We help our clients integrate and optimize their existing business processes and realize a SOA structure customized to their organization.

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