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Wine Business

Our company seat Mainz is not only the city of Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press with moveable letters, but also the capital of Germany’s largest wine-growing region, Rheinhessen. Mainz itself counts among the prestigious world’s Great Wine Capitals. And it is befitting for Mainz that it is not only a place for scholarly learning and knowledge transfer as symbolized by the printing press, but also the place for the art of enjoying life, as symbolized by a glass of good wine.

With our seat in Mainz, it was therefore almost inevitable that we got involved in the wine business.

German wines are less present on international shelves than wines from other wine-growing regions in the world because German wine producers are mostly small family-run businesses where the trade and the estate is passed on from one generation to the next. Most of their wines are sold locally, real insiders’ tips. We would like to make a selection of Rheinhessen wines known in other parts of the world as well.

Consequently, we have established a cooperation with two local wine growers of our trust, situated in Nieder-Olm and Osthofen respectively. They produce excellent red and white wines as well as sparkling wines and brandies from local as well as international grape varieties grown in their own vineyards and matured on their estates. We are exporting their products outside Germany, especially into Asian countries.

If you are interested in offering your customers the out-of-the ordinary, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Let’s raise our glasses!

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