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Digital Conversion

We offer innovative solutions for the conversion of interactive, media-enriched content according to customer specifications for different devices and platforms. Our “one-stop” solution is compatible with many devices, e.g. e-book readers, smartphones and tablets. The latest ePub format standard based on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript enables the development of visually attractive e-books with integrated images, videos and animations.

  Interactive Features
We develop interactive functions for e-books. In the case of interactive mathematical formulae, it is possible, for example, to enter parameters and receive the results. Digital health-related questionnaires are another field of application of interactive features.

  Fixed Layout Format
E-books in this format, as compared to standard e-pub format, are especially suitable for more complex content and design, such as illustrations, images and multi-column pages, for which a precise control of page layout and image positioning is required independent of the display of a device.

  HTML5 Mobile Content
We use the latest standards of HTML5 technology in order to create user-friendly applications for mobile devices. Different input formats are transformed into HTML5 format, offering visually upgraded user interfaces with various interactive functions.

  Data Conversion
Our teams convert data from different source formats into, for example, XML format. For this, we use our internally developed tools as well as open-source software. Our services include, i.a., conversion of scientific books and journals as well as encyclopedias and similar reference works.

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