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Digital Content

We convert your content from different source formats into an integrated content in digital form. Our staff convert printed or electronic content of any type in accordance with customer specifications. The digitized content can be used with various devices and on numerous platforms.

  Content Transformation
Today, publishers offer content for varying operating systems and devices. The most common output formats are ePub, Mobi and PCR.

  XML-Schema and DTD
We create XML files in accordance with document type description (DTD) provided by the customer and adjust internal workflow procedures to specific requirements. The validated output files in XML can be used for different formats as needed.

  Scanning, OCR and Electronic Archiving
Our teams use a combination of OCR software and input techniques to convert printed books and documents into digital editable text. We are able to create high-definition scans and unchanged reprints. We present output in digital format ready for printing and produce clean pages from damaged and/or soiled originals. Our customers receive high-quality digital output files which are suitable for reprints and archiving.

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