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Green Technologies

Environmental protection, renewable energy (solar energy, wind power, biomass, etc.) and waste management hold particularly high potential for successful cooperations between Indian and German companies and organizations.

On the one hand, in India the economic boom, a growing population and increasing urbanisation with megacities all have contributed towards a dramatically increased demand for environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions in the areas of recycling, waste management, renewable energy and water management. At the same time, international climate protection targets can only be achieved if massive investments are made in such technologies especially in the developing countries. In this respect the private sector is called on as well as public and semi-public institutions and agencies.

On the other hand, German companies possess outstanding technical know-how in these areas and enjoy the highest international reputation. Hence, the best conditions to form promising cooperations between Indian and German companies and organizations in these growth markets.

Linus-IT offers support regarding the initiation of business contacts, gives advice on market opportunities and helps clients with the practical implementation of strategic goals. If desired, we also assist you in negotiations with potential business partners, clients and public institutions.

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