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BPO Consulting

Outsourcing of business processes is becoming an increasingly important means for reducing costs and boosting efficiency. Clients are able to focus on their core business and, through Linus-IT, have access to a wide pool of highly qualified experts in various industries without having to set up their own subsidiary in India. In addition, clients may realize opportunities for extending their business in India and/or for realizing synergies with our cooperation partners. Together with the client, we analyze if and how business process outsourcing (BPO) may add to an organization’s long-term business success.

In particular in information technology we cooperate with clients in the following areas:

Together with the client Linus-IT plans the system and software architecture as well as web design. The focus is on the realization of business goals and the long-term viability of the software.

Careful analysis of how the client content (CMS) is to be presented and managed.

  Design phase
The presentation is adjusted in line with usability requirements (intuitive usability of the user interface).

Together with Linus-IT the client determines if implementation is to be carried out in open source or in the .net field.

  Tests/quality assurance
After implementation the entire application is tested in real conditions according to criteria determined by the client, and a quality check is carried out.

Maintenance works may be carried out by the client or by (offshore or inshore) cooperation partners with Linus-IT arranging the contact.

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